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New Burstner Range

Ranging Burstners latest range are compact and manoeuvrable motorhomes at affordable prices, to elegant luxury suites on wheels and spacious giants with room for up to seven people – with four different classes and a total of 48 floor plans, there is bound to be a motorhome that furfills your requirements.

There is one thing that all Bürstner motorhomes have in common: modern vehicle technology, outstanding quality and manufacturing, harmoniously coordinated and tastefully designed interiors with many surprising practical details. In short: a lot of room for an unlimited sense of comfort and well-being.

Every Bürstner motorhome offers the highest level of comfort, with impressive interior design details in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and living area. All models combine the optimum use of space with the latest technology and automotive design.

As a motorhome manufacturer with over 50 years of experience, they have put together a range of recreational vehicles that combine efficiency, user-friendliness and appealing design so you can enjoy spending your leisure time in them.

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